Sswing Story Time

It's Not About The Trend.

It's About Who You Are!

Sswing girl does not want to chase anything but stay true to herself.

She loves to enjoy a cup of Latte in the early morning and shop at some local boutique stores selling unique and sweet things.

Plain clothing is her favourite after she grew up and she is still in love with pink or floral print dresses.

She is obsessed with artworks so does she loves decorating her small apartment.

Staying in her home office zone is one of her favourite things to do every day. Matching her rose printed mouse pad with her desktop background can makes her extremely satisfied.

It's time for an awesome trip! So she started packing her suitcase and enjoying the excitement of exploring a new place in the world. She took her camera with her because she wants to record all the beautiful memories in her life.

And that is Sswing!

A lifestyle of finding who you are and enjoy the way that makes you comfortable and happy.


    What is the definition of a lifestyle?

    It's a way a person lives and enjoys that reflects his/her attitude, behaviour and value.

    That's why we are here! To share a lifestyle of fashion and art that we valued for with you who might find something in common.  

    Positive, Strong and Alway see and seek for beautiful things in life!