Pre-order Q&A's

What is Pre-order?

We are always seeking for cute and unique styles that you might not easy to find in other market places and we want to give you ahead of time checking our newest coming styles. 

We only ordered small quantities of them.

Take the pre-order chance and add them to your basket right now before it runs out quickly.


Will I get charged if i order pre-order items?

Yes. All pre-order orders will be charge as normal orders. But you can always notify us for cancelling your orders before we ship out the items.


When will pre order items be available?

We've noted all the approximate available date at all pre-order product title. You will receive an email from us if your order delays or out of stock. 


When do you ship out the pre-orders?

If you ordered multiple items from different available date we will automatically ship your order while all your items are available. 


Can I use other coupon codes for pre-order items?

Unfortunately all pre order items are already marked down 10% off and you will not be able to use other discount code for them.